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Top #10 Startups That are Changing the Dynamics of Cybersecurity

Check out these 10 cybersecurity startups that are changing the dynamics of internet security and threat mitigation by using state-of-the-art tools and services.

Top #10 Startups That are Changing the Dynamics of Cybersecurity
  • PublishedAugust 21, 2022

The post-pandemic world was an eye-opener for businesses and industries, globally. The cumulative global GDP loss due to COVID-19 between 2020 and 2021 is close to $9 trillion, which is greater than the combined economy of two or more combined, as per a report by the IMF. Even so, the post-pandemic world is rebounding from its losses, and investors continue to fund industries like cybersecurity, networks, and data.

As hacker groups are becoming more creative with each passing day, cybersecurity startups are working toward stopping them. Several of these companies are coming up with innovative methods for data protection and threat mitigation and are actively changing the dynamics of how companies dealt with cyberattacks. From finding new malware strains and stopping them before they can do any harm to continuously trailing cybersecurity cases to help organizations prepare for future attacks, these ten startups are proving to be incredible disrupters in the space.

10 Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2022


Dubbed as the “world’s fastest-growing threat intelligence provider, the “10th Annual Global InfoSec Awards” winner specializes in dark web monitoring, collecting, and researching malicious TA (threat actors) while also providing indignation in the global research for cybersecurity. Backed by Y Combinator and various reputed VC firms, Cyble was founded in 2019 as a cybercrime monitoring and threat Intelligence firm. It provides a SaaS-based enterprise platform for monitoring threats in real-time, which helps companies fix their cybersecurity posture as well as aids them in creating better decisions to mitigate their digital risk footprint.


Araali Networks

American cybersecurity startup Araali Networks focuses on cloud-native and identity-based threat management solutions. “Araali,” its flagship cloud program, helps identify cyber threats and offers mitigating measures to safeguard data. It is compatible with cloud-native systems and provides simple access to eBPF to implement specific policies, enabling private cloud networks to stop malicious code from accessing the services.



Built to provide data governance platforms, the “2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for Cloud Data Security” winner helps companies improve their data protection protocols. The “Dasera Platform” is its flagship SaaS instance model. It helps determine a network’s strength and a company’s ability to withstand a severe cyberattack by checking databases, data misuse, and numerous KPIs. Furthermore, Dasera’s autonomous features lessen team members’ manual work by enhancing cross-functional collaboration between applications and team members.


Talon Cyber Security 

Talon Cyber Security focuses on cloud-working environments as it develops enterprise-only browsing experiences to reduce the company’s exposure to harmful Threat Actors. The Israel-based cybersecurity startup aims to provide hybrid working environments with fewer chances of cyberattacks. Talon also offers deep insights into a firm’s cybersecurity posture via a SaaS application that fetches important data — related to source code, security of applications, and databases about the company and its services.


CyberX helps companies make sound decisions about their data structures and network configurations. With features like handling asset management, risk management, and vulnerability management, the Microsoft-owned startup provides an eagle-eye view of a wide range of IoT & ICS devices, including not limited to store beacons and point-of-sale systems. CyberX displays a complete network map of all linked devices and offers a stable environment to monitor processes, ICS threat modeling, threat intelligence, and malware sandbox.


Privacera is a data access and governance startup that offers enterprise software for combining and classifying data via an Open Cloud platform. This cybersecurity startup provides 360-degree coverage of data and management. It helps in increasing visibility and the correct use of data without compromising its privacy. Privacera claims that with its unified data access governance technology, companies can access hybrid- and multi-cloud environments to control, mask, automate, scale, and audit data via a single scalable platform.



Snyk is a Boston-based firm founded in 2015 and creates analysis tools and cloud programs to patch open-source vulnerabilities. The company uses its security intelligence to find loopholes between codes and applications in over 30 environments by using a simple integration to popular IDEs. It integrates with existing IDEs, repos, and workflows to find vulnerabilities on a source-code level.


Rendering a complete software supply chain security for SDLCs, Cycode is among the first cybersecurity startups to provide source code control, detection, and response services to address source code-level gaps. It uses a patent-pending Source Path Intelligence Engine technology that generates reports about an organization’s source code inventory. Its Knowledge Graph breaks down AppSec’s silos to provide accurate data, describing relationships between applications, tools, and vulnerabilities within an enterprise environment.



With a particular focus on Cloud protection using an API-only connection, Wiz is one of the best platforms to prioritize Cloud risk. Founded in 2020 in New York City, Wiz provides complete visibility in every layer of cloud services — including IaaS and PaaS to operating systems and hosted databases. It analyzes malicious actors in real-time and provides a contextual approach to cloud security — covering infrastructure, platforms, integration methods, and much more. Additionally, using a non-agent policy, Wiz addresses cybersecurity and vulnerabilities in different cloud environments.

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