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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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The January issue of The Cyber Express features a diverse range of articles exploring the intersection of technology and cybersecurity. Highlights include Tim Pappa’s analysis of AI in cyber warfare, the role of soft skills in cybersecurity, the psychological aspects of gacha games, key AI and cybersecurity trends for 2024, privacy concerns in smart homes, predictions on upcoming cybersecurity challenges, and the impact of deepfakes on digital reality. Additionally, the issue covers the World CyberCon India 2023 event, underscoring the magazine’s commitment to delivering insightful and relevant cybersecurity content.

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Cybersecurity Magazine
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Cybersecurity Magazine
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Women in Cybersecurity
Edition 03, February 2023
AI in cybersecurity, cybersecurity magazine
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Cybersecurity Magazine
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Cybersecurity Magazine
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The Cyber Express Magazine

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