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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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To kick off our half-yearly round-up, we present a profound conversation with Ian Beacraft, founder and Chief Futurist at Signal and Cipher. Beacraft offers unique insights into the impending transformation of our workplaces and lives as AI evolves. With the promise of advancements comes the
question: What does this AI revolution mean for our security infrastructure?

Complementing Beacraft’s futurist perspective, we delve into the here and now with Tom Van de Wiele, Principal Technology & Threats Researcher at WithSecure. From penetrating AI systems to dealing with zero-day vulnerabilities and simulating advanced persistent threats (APTs), Tom emphasizes the importance of aligning attack strategies with the threat actor being emulated while maintaining ethical testing practices.

This issue of The Cyber Express is both a mirror and a telescope, reflecting the state of cybersecurity today and offering a glimpse of what the future holds. We hope the insights, analysis, and thought provoking discussions will help
you navigate the choppy waters of cybersecurity.

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