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Chinese Automotive Industry to Get Security Upgrade

Chinese Automotive Industry to Get Security Upgrade
  • PublishedAugust 6, 2022

Software company ThunderSoft and automotive cybersecurity solutions provider C2A Security came together to make the Chinese automotive industry more secure against cyberattacks. This collaboration aims to ensure increased cybersecurity and reduced threat. The two companies will offer solutions, tools and lifecycle protection to fight attacks on the systems of Chinese vehicle suppliers.

As per the automotive industry standard ISO 21434, it is essential to safeguard electronic systems, components and software in vehicles. The standard establishes the need for implementing all the necessary cybersecurity engineering and management systems as required.

While ThunderSoft has built a smart cockpit, smart driving and a central computing-based vehicle operating system that can boost the prevention of threats and attacks, C2A Security recently developed EVSec that breaks communication silos and offers a complete solution for vehicles, grids, and chargers, and creates transparency.

The Chinese automotive market is ever evolving and has an increasing consumer demand. Roy Fridman, CEO of C2A Security, told PR Newswire, “To meet the needs of the industry and fill the current gap in the market, C2A Security partnered with ThunderSoft to provide an advanced cybersecurity management system to local OEMs and Tier-1s.”

Adhering to safety regulations has become a top priority among manufacturers of electric vehicles because of increased connectivity in devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. New rules for securing companies against cybersecurity risks have companies buckle up to get more help.

The UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations watches over the regulations applied to the automotive sector. ThunderSoft is a leading software developer that works on innovation and creating easy-to-use digital products and services. And C2A is an automotive cybersecurity solutions provider offering OEMs and Tier-1s. These two companies will work closely to secure the Chinese automotive industry because of the newest standards for cybersecurity incidents in the electric vehicle industry.

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