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US Army to Start Offensive Cyber Capabilities Office

A well-equipped offensive cyber capabilities office will cover space capabilities to render every needed help to prepare for cyber-related threats.

US Army to Start Offensive Cyber Capabilities Office
  • PublishedSeptember 1, 2022

The United States of America plans to launch a new offensive cybercrime and space office to address cybersecurity issues. The offensive cyber capabilities office will focus on ‘Joint Cyber Warfighting’. It is a vision for the U.S. Cyber Command that works toward cybersecurity and will handle all the responsibilities previously done by the Program Executive Office Intelligence Electronic Warfare & Sensors (PEO IEW&S).

The offensive cyber office

The offensive cyber office named ‘Program Manager Cyber and Space (PM Cyber and Space)’ will be under the Program Executive Office for Intelligence, electronic warfare, sensors, and battlefield navigation tools. It will also test equipment like aerial jamming pods and biometric information. A colonel or O-6 will head the PM Cyber and Space.

According to reports, the office will also include the Joint Common Access Platform (JCAP), which was launched by the US Army in 2020 and is part of the present Joint cyber warfighting architecture and looks after the infrastructure for the Department of Defense cyber missions and target acquisition.

Role of the offensive cyber office

A well-equipped offensive cyber office will cover space capabilities to render every needed help to prepare for cyber-related threats. The move comes after the joint statement between the U.S. and Mexico that addressed the need for secure, resilient, and stable cyberspace to develop all sectors and the free flow of information. The statement reiterated the need to exchange cyber threat intelligence, response to cyber incidents, and bilateral training.

Need for the new offensive cyber office

The PEO IEW&S mainly provides high-tech technical services and solutions, including all other military needs. The new office will take care of all the US cybersecurity requirements amidst the ongoing Russian war. The intel from the US found a high probability of increased cyber-attacks from Russia. This is because the US and its allies imposed economic sanctions on Russia.

Post the launch of the new offensive cyber capabilities office, the PEO IEW&S will continue working for the departments its best equipped for such as integrating sensors, creating situational awareness and offering timely force protection, among others.

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