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Hacktivist Group Guacamaya Posts 10GB of Military Data

The group uses various forms of literature and media to speak against the forced modernization in the native countries of Central America.

Hacktivist Group Guacamaya Posts 10GB of Military Data
  • PublishedSeptember 20, 2022

The hacker group Guacamaya leaked 10GB of confidential data, including military and police emails, on Enlace Hacktavista, a website used by hackers to publish online criminal activities.

Named after a thick-billed parrot, macaw, locally called Guacamaya, the group has been targeting Latin American regulatory agencies since March this year.

As per sources, the group hacked into the classified data from the military and police, specifically the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Chilean Armed Forces, the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense, the National Civil Police of El Salvador and the Armed Forces of El Salvador, the General Command of the Military Forces of Colombia, the Joint Command of the Armed Forces of Peru and the Army of Peru.

What the group says

Using various forms of literature and media, including a poem in Spanish, the group wrote about the forced modernization in the native countries of Central America that has impacted the environment and the lives of the locals. Being a rich source of energy and raw material, many companies have sought to mine in several regions of Central America. However, this has raised concerns among locals, who have opposed the ongoing projects.

Excerpts from the translated poem:

“We have seen and felt the horror of war.

They came from afar proclaiming flags,

the nations took possession of our peoples,

they cut our braids,

They dressed us their way

They put us military, police,

judges and prosecutors to tie our feet,

and even more thought.

They came from afar with shrapnel,

from afar with their trucks and their science.

They came to extract with their slave machines:

first human, now automatic.

They were able to take everything except our conscience.”

As per a report by aviation news website Simple Flying, Latin America has the potential to produce enough Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to suffice for 30% of the world by 2030. However, it requires more infrastructure and legal intervention to set up production industries in place. SAF can lead to a carbon reduction of up to 80% compared to the present fuel.

How the hackers have been targeting various government organizations in the past few months has led to speculations over the means, method, and mind of the group. However, the rapid growth in industrialization and the depleting state of the ecology have highlighted the need to preserve nature and find a solution.

Arbitration in Latin America

Several seminars have been organized to find peaceful resolutions to the issue, including the ongoing ‘Many Voices, One Region’ seminar in New York held between the 19th and 20th of September.

Argentine President Alberto Fernández on Monday urged to bring an end to inequality and addressed the participants by saying, “We´re a source of food and energy for a world that really needs them. The secret is to see how we work together to grow in more equal conditions. Sustainable development is only possible if social justice prevails. We must work together again and call for the end of all blockades.”

Another write-up about dispute resolution published in The Guide to International Arbitration in Latin America stressed a neutral and independent solution.

Previous hacking incidents by Guacamaya

Guacamaya previously hacked the systems of a mining company, Pronico, on March 6, oil and mining companies on August 1, and Colombia’s attorney General’s office on August 7.

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