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Google Announces Completion of $5.4B Mandiant Acquisition

With the help of Mandiant, Google aims to boost the use and need for cybersecurity in modern-day business environments and acquire better data protection methods.

Google Announces Completion of $5.4B Mandiant Acquisition
  • PublishedSeptember 13, 2022
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Google announced the completion of a $5.4 billion acquisition proposal it had made for cybersecurity company Mandiant. After a $1.2 billion merger with the previous owner, the private equity company Symphony Technology Group, the tech giant announced its purchase of the company via a press release.

Google’s $5.4B acquisition of Mandiant

Google Cloud’s CEO, Thomas Kurian, announced the Mandiant acquisition and stated that the brand would continue to exist but would function under the aegis of Google Cloud. The tech giant is preparing to prioritize cyber security using Mandiant’s objective to secure every organization from cyber threats and ongoing data abuse.

Mandiant has been a dependable partner to security-conscious enterprises since 2004. It uses a range of dynamic cyber defense solutions delivered through the potent Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform, which scales decades of frontline experience and industry-leading threat intelligence. The security firm has been assisting companies in creating more effective and efficient cyber security strategies.

In December 2020, Mandiant investigated a major supply chain attack by SolarWinds on U.S. government infrastructure, which became the breakthrough for the company to gain public recognition for its services and quick response to the alleged attack.

Google Cloud has served as the most prominent cloud computing service that empowers developers to create meaningful solutions on the cloud. Along with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google is also a member of the “big three” in the public cloud sector. Adding Mandiant to Google’s ecosystem will inspire companies to adopt better cybersecurity measures. Ultimately, Google’s ecosystem will encourage companies to adopt better cybersecurity measures and eventually change how firms counter online threats.

Improved cybersecurity measures

With the acquisition, Google commits to protect the data and equipment of its partners and the companies that will join Mandiant afterwards. The tech giant aims to release new solutions and strategies to address the dynamic threat landscape. However, it also entails acquiring seasoned competitors who may strengthen Google’s security offering.

With the help of Mandiant, Google will boost the use and need for cybersecurity in modern-day business environments and acquire better data protection methods with the help of hundreds of security personnel.

Google aims to provide a security operations suite to enable organizations to stay protected at every stage of their business. With Google Cloud’s current security features and the addition of Mandiant’s superior cyber threat intelligence, organizations will receive high-end protection for a better cybersecurity posture. The merger will help them create unique analytics methodologies with AI and machine learning and an emphasis on removing entire classes of threats.

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