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CISA Launches Free Cybersecurity Toolkit To Protect US Elections

This cybersecurity toolkit has been designed to address threats, and attacks, call for support and track attackers.

CISA Launches Free Cybersecurity Toolkit To Protect US Elections
  • PublishedAugust 11, 2022

With the joint effort of the private and public sector organizations, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released a toolkit to fight ransomware, phishing attempts and DDoS attacks on their systems, leading to a security breach.

This cybersecurity toolkit contains resources, free tools, and services to help address cyberattack attempts by miscreants and cyber criminals. This one-stop catalog was created with expert input from the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) and private and public sector organizations. The election community and JCDC alliance members also developed this comprehensive toolkit.

Due to the increased cyberattacks on crucial systems, security measures require constant development. The cybersecurity toolkit contains an Election Security Risk Profile Tool, Finds tools for voter information and Protect assets to help curb the ongoing phishing attacks, ransomware, and distributed denial-of-services (DDoS) attacks. If the state and local election officials experience a cybersecurity threat, they will have these handy resources to handle the issue. It will also help assess threats or risks, protect emails, networks, websites and connections and offer further developed actionable steps to address all emergencies.

CISA recently released a Supply Chain Risks to Election Infrastructure report stating the need for risk management in the face of the increased threat and cyberattacks. Data of all the 50 states and the election community that CISA protects constantly require increased security from threats. For fair elections, such a measure was necessary to protect the interest of the nation and the people.

Following the launch of this cybersecurity toolkit, CISA Director Jen Easterly said, “Each day, state and local election officials confront threats to their infrastructure from foreign interference, nefarious actors, insider threats, and others. This is one more resource to help them in their ongoing efforts to ensure American elections remain secure and resilient,” as the official website of the United States government reported.

CISA has all their resources in place to protect the ongoing elections. However, the need to create more security cannot be overemphasized. With the joint effort of credible hands from various organizations, this latest cybersecurity toolkit has been designed to address threats, and attacks, call for support and track attackers.

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