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The Best Cybersecurity YouTube Channels to Follow

Over the years, a few YouTube Channels such as John Hammond, LiveOverflow, IppSec, The Cyber Mentor, Computerphile and Hackersploit have remained in the top 10 cybersecurity YouTube channels.

The Best Cybersecurity YouTube Channels to Follow
  • PublishedAugust 15, 2022

In the world of recurring cyber-attacks, it has become essential to stay updated with the latest framework, techniques and tricks hackers use to target unsuspecting users. In the recent past, cyber threats and crimes have resulted in the loss of sensitive information and data, gravely compromising devices, companies and users. Understanding cybersecurity and enhancing one’s knowledge about the subject is the first step to securing digital devices and preventing oneself from digital attacks.

Why Cybersecurity?

Staying aware of cybersecurity incidents and being in the know of old and new threats is critical to protecting one’s data and devices. In this article, The Cyber Express has curated a list of the best cybersecurity YouTube channels to help take the necessary steps to protect oneself and larger groups from online threats, attacks and vulnerabilities.

Staying updated a necessity

Forbes reported an alarming number of cyberattacks in organizations this year, which were as high as 93%. Despite all the security measures, cybercrime is on the rise. Not just concerned individual users, groups, companies, and organizations must be updated about the latest digital threats and solutions.

Adequate cybersecurity education is available on YouTube, including the latest news and information on online incidents like scams, security tips, preventive measures, and more. Cybersecurity channels on YouTube share resources such as interviews, FAQs, updates, podcasts and more that are most often free for users and a great source to learn about cyber security.

Best Cybersecurity YouTube Channels to follow


HAK5 is a YouTube Channel that offers information about critical cybersecurity-related happenings. Topics such as why a user gets targeted by hackers, Question and Answer (Q&A) about hacking, DDoS Attack, and topics like configuring and flying a DIY 3D printed drone can be found on this channel.


NetworkChuck offers content related to hacking-related jobs, finding hidden URLs, building your engine, Python list and crypto mining, among others. The goal of this channel, as mentioned on their page, is to help people in their IT careers. They have over 2.4 million subscribers.


Cyberspatial, with over 181K subscribers, aims to help users learn cybersecurity faster, build a cybersecurity startup, modern cyber threats, keep digital life secure and many help topics. Cybersecurity education is explored in this channel with many playlists and videos.

The Cyber Mentor

The Cyber Mentor offers a pool of long and short videos that cover topics including learning Open-Source Intelligence in 5 hours, web application pentesting, various forms of ethical hacking and many others. This channel also creates videos about courses that users can learn from at a discounted cost.

Loi Liang Yang

Loi Liang Yang is a channel and also the YouTuber’s name who is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Ethical Hacker and CompTIA Security and a cybersecurity consultant. Some of the very informative tutorials offered on their channel elaborate upon how hackers crack any password, recover deleted files, advanced SQL injection and Kali Linux for Beginners. 

The PC Security Channel

The PC Security Channel is a window to all things related to cybersecurity. They have covered topics related to tech support scam installing RAT, how to know if your PC is hacked, Windows Defenders vs Ransomware 2022, Malwarebytes vs Ransomware, SMS Scams, best browser security and so on. This channel has over 249K subscribers and caters to a wide variety of cybersecurity-related content.

Top YouTube Channels for Cybersecurity in 2022

Being up to date with what is happening in the cybersecurity world is a must to avoid falling prey to cyber scams and alerting others. This list of top 10 cybersecurity YouTube Channels in 2022 can help get alerts about trending topics, digital news and what a user can do to avert cybercrime as far as possible.

John Hammond

John Hammond offers valuable videos related to hacking, cybersecurity Bootcamp, Solana protocol security assessment, Bruteforcing domain passwords, Unpacking UPX #shorts and Industry penetration testing.


LiveOverflow has video tutorials about hacking, capture the flag (CFT), mobile security, finding bugs, etc. 


13Cubed offers content related to unique aspects of cybersecurity and reviews about uncommon tools like YARA and other niche topics.


Computerphile caters to a wide array of topics about cybersecurity education. Some include artificial intelligence, computer graphics, data analysis, WiFi works, storing passwords, etc.


IppSec helps viewers with easy-to-understand tutorials about HackTheBox, UHC and CTF, reversing malware, manually parsing bloodhound data with JQ, basic Linux memory forensic etc.


Hackersploit also offers insights about ethical hacking, pentesting, cybersecurity courses, etc. With stark graphics, this channel covers web app penetration testing tutorials, Red team tutorials, and virtual labs about attacks and defense systems, among others.


Infosec has been providing comprehensive cybersecurity education over the years. Some include cybersecurity career advice, training for amateurs, defending against cyber threats etc.

Security Now

Security Now talks about cybercrimes, offers professional advice, and shares news and details about application security, MS Office tools, data theft, etc.

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Cybersecurity in the past few years

The top YouTube Channels for Cybersecurity in 2021 were John Hammond, LiveOverflow, IppSec, The Cyber Mentor, InsiderPhD, Computerphile, NullByte and Hackersploit. Some cybersecurity YouTube channels have remained up to date over the years. In 2020, the top 10 YouTube channels in this category were LiveOverflow, STOK, 13Cubed, OALabs, Computerphile, The PC Security Channel, Seytonic, Cyber Yodha, and The Hacker Stuff and HackerSploit.

Over the years, a few YouTube Channels such as John Hammond, LiveOverflow, IppSec, The Cyber Mentor, Computerphile and Hackersploit have remained in the top 10 cybersecurity YouTube channels.

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