Top 5 ioT Security Risks in 2023

These risks pose a severe threat to both individuals and organisations, making it vital to prioritize IoT security measures.

The Cyber Express  | 30 Apr 2023

Cyberattacks are among the most significant IoT security risks. As more devices become connected, the likelihood of cyber-attacks also increases. Hackers may exploit vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to the network and steal sensitive information.

1. Unauthorized access and data breaches

Top 5 ioT  Security Risks  in 2023

Hackers can remotely control IoT devices with malware and ransomware, demanding payment to restore the device's functionality.

2. Malware and ransomware attacks:

Top 5 ioT  Security Risks  in 2023

Top 5 ioT  Security Risks  in 2023

Some IoT devices cannot be updated, which means that they can remain vulnerable to security threats that have been fixed in newer devices.

3. Lack of updates and patches:

Unsecured sensitive data on IoT devices can be easily accessed by attackers, including user credentials and payment information.

4. Insecure Data Storage

Top 5 ioT  Security Risks  in 2023

IoT devices have inconsistent security measures due to various manufacturers using different protocols, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

5. LEss security protocols

Top 5 ioT  Security Risks  in 2023